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How Our Family Eats Vegetarian

Alicia 's unofficial guide to Vegetarianism I became a vegetarian 9 and a half years ago when I was trying to get pregnant with my first baby. I read a bunch of literature, and was horrified at the treatment of animals in the farming and food industries. I was excited that eating less meat makes a substantial difference in helping the environment. I was excited to see the health benefits. But for someone who learned how to cook using meat as a staple ingredient, it took some time and testing to figure out what worked for us. I went "cold turkey," my husband has gradually become vegetarian after losing his taste for it (he jokes that I ruined him with my hippie ways). I think it is great for everyone to do what they can to at least cut down on meat consumption, meatless Monday is a fantastic movement and a good place to start for some people. So here are some tips, some links to favorite websites and blogs, and some of my favorite recipes. Fake Meat alternatives: Tofu. The…

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